Peacock Deceiving a Suitcase was started in 1654 in the olde worlde by Phinneas "Pea" Cox, a dyslexic traveling book salesman and exotic dancer. Pea enjoyed books of all types but was not adept at reading them so he would act the summaries out for prospective buyers using exotic interpretive dance.

He soon became the olde worlde's foremost exotic dancing book salesman and was able to grow his sales business into a publishing house. Thanks to dedication and determination, Peacock Deceiving a Suitcase is still around publishing top quality books to this day.
In all seriousness, Peacock Deceiving a Suitcase is a one-woman, 9-cat organization fueled by soy milk lattes and snuggles. The small, independent publisher started in 2016 in an effort to make sure that the fun and funny Empathy in the PPNW series could be read and enjoyed by people all over. Please save the whales.
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