Olivia R. Burton

Author, Cat Lady, Vegan
I'm Olivia and I write Urban Fantasy that doesn't suck. I don't bother with angsty love triangles or imperfectly perfect women who can do no wrong. My main characters don't pull day-saving powers out of their butts at the last second, don't get fawned over by every strapping, hot-ass monster in the vicinity, and they definitely get told when they're being dimwits.

I try to be inclusive, realistic (insofar as you can be when you write about werewolves, mercenaries, fairies, and a cake-addicted empath), and entertaining. If you like silly and sarcastic, fun and farce, check me out!

I live just outside of Seattle with a clowder of cats and a stink of litterboxes. I enjoy vexing my kitties, taking long walks, eating vegan food, cooking vegan food, and watching cheesy, big budget movies where people answer questions like, "Who should we call?" with a gruff and overly serious, "Everyone." I also enjoy making up collective nouns for things that don't already have them, like a spootle of Ruperts and a stink of litterboxes.

My Cats
Snapshot (R.I.P.)
Lump (R.I.P.)
We have a lot of cats in our house. I have three (Martin, Uriko, Wheatley; R.I.P. Snap & Lump) and Cody has four of his own. My cats are older, and so they're pretty mellow. They mostly sleep, though Martin does a fair bit of yelling.

Anyone with a ginger cat knows what I'm talking about.

Cody's cats (Reuben, Lucca, Maxwell, and Crackers) get along pretty well with my cats, though Crackers is crazy so she randomly goes nuts on any other cat within swatting distance.

You can see their antics on my Instagram, as they're most of what I post about.
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