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Olivia R. Burton
Don't tell me about your children, but ask me about my cats
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I'm Sophia, a fire elemental and vampire bounty hunter with crap luck and a crass attitude. My best friend Joey used to call me Softy—ironically of course—but now he's dead and I'm hunting down his killer.

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Welcome to The Preternatural PNW!
Gwen: Empath, sugar addict, disaster

Gwen's just turned thirty and things in her life seem pretty decent. She owns her own business, employs her best friend as her assistant, keeps sugar stashed around her whole house, and lives far enough away from her family that she doesn't have to visit that often.

When two monsters from her childhood show up mistaking her for someone powerful and competent, though, everything starts to go wrong. Suddenly she's thrown together with the insufferable werewolf P.I. from her office building, being assaulted by strange creatures outside her favorite neighborhood convenience store, and losing all her stashed sweets to some... thing that won't stop leaving vaguely insulting notes on every surface of her home and office.

Gwen's series is a wild, funny ride through The Preternatural Pacific Northwest and if you like your Urban Fantasy with a heavy dose of farce, you'll love Gwen and all her adventures!

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Veruca & Finn: Soul bound

Veruca stumbles on Finn while he's running from his past and finds him interesting instantly. Sure, he's a bit of a doof, a klutz, and a conman, but he's fun, sexy, and knows how to show a girl a good time.

They quickly form a partnership that turns into a love for the ages, sticking together through thick and thin. Even when Finn's past comes back to bite him in the ass, Veruca stands by her man, helping him out of any sticky situations he manages to get himself into.

If you like offbeat Paranormal Romance with atypical pairings, women who take charge both in and out of the bedroom, and zombies running amok, my Preternatural PNW series is for you!

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