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(Not so) Frequently Asked Questions
We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?
No one's actually asked me (or anyone ever, I would wager) this. It just popped up in the website's text option and it's so delightfully pompous I wanted to leave it here. Obviously the answer is, "to eat candy."
I don't know how to computer. How can I get your books?
Good news! Gwen's books are now out in print! They're more expensive than the ebooks, but that's to be expected.

If that's not helpful because you're like me and you need instant gratification/want Veruca's series to read, you can purchase the ebooks on Amazon and there should be an option to transfer them to your device, whether it be a Kindle device or your iPad/iPhone/Android/hacked toaster oven that has the Kindle app on it.

If you don't have any device with the Kindle app or you have the novels but want the free stories too, go ahead and check out the links below. As I understand it, iBooks (the Apple books app) should transfer into your ebook library if you buy the books through there, but if you want to download and install the freebies or you've downloaded them through Evernight's website or Smashwords, you'll get the .epub format for Apple devices and .mobi for Amazon Kindle devices. PDF files should work on any device, though they don't always show up looking quite right in my experience.
o Three ways to add ebooks to your iPhone/iPad
o How to add ebooks to your device without iTunes
o Transfer from your computer to your Kindle
o How to put free ebooks on your Kindle
o How to load epubs into iBooks (has a video!)

Most of the advice pages suggest you email the file to yourself, then open your email on the device you want to read the book. Click on the icon for the book and it should automatically open in whatever program is made to read it. If that doesn't work, you can find the little Share menu button (which looks like a square giving awkward birth to an arrow) and find the app you need to open it: iBooks or Kindle. It should load and save it from there.

Good luck!
Why does Gwen act like a child if she's a trained therapist?
Mainly because she's basically a child. Also, because you're not seeing her in her therapy appointments with her clients, being a helpful, empathic grown-up. You're seeing her at her worst when she has no immediate responsibilities or when she's in peril.

When she's actually with her clients, she's really got no choice but to be empathic and to try to help them. She knows what they're feeling, even if they won't admit it to themselves, so she can work on that to steer them toward being more truthful.

However, when she's being faced with monsters or exercise or Mel she's going to lash out and immediately want to retreat into the easiest and tastiest way she knows how to self-soothe: sugar.
What do you do in your spare time?
If my ginger cat is screaming at me, I long for the sweet release of death. Otherwise, I mainly eat too much, try to force myself to exercise, and go walking aimlessly around Seattle. I also spend way too much time on Pinterest.
Why is Mel so inappropriate and insufferable?
Because Gwen is a wildly unreliable narrator and he's only about 50% as annoying as she tells the audience he is. Imagine if every time you saw someone it felt like something was beating you in the face with the stems of extra thorny roses. You'd start to hate that person whether they were actually a bad person or not. If your every experience with someone is negative, your brain is going to get trained to think of that person as negative.

Admittedly, Mel has a pretty wide immature streak himself. He knew Chloe before he knew Gwen, so when he showed up to say hi and Gwen's immediate reaction was to be mean and react to him like he's awful, it made him feel bad. So, since he and Gwen are more alike in certain ways than either one of them will admit, he started showing up to bug her, and she reacted by being excessively cruel to him.

It's a vicious cycle fueled by immaturity and secret sexual tension.
Why does Mixed Feelings have two covers?
Initially I signed with a small publishing company, Candlemark & Gleam. Right as I did, the owner started going through a lot, and so it ended up taking a year or so for the book to come out, then soon after, she started talks to sell the company. As a result, it turned out to be a business relationship that didn't really work out for either of us. She offered me my rights to Mixed Feelings back when another small publisher showed a lot of interest. Ultimately, they bailed by just refusing to answer my emails, so I decided to put Gwen out for myself.

I had an idea of what I wanted for the cover, so I looked around for designers and found the amazing Michelle Preast, who managed to come up with basically exactly what I wanted, so a partnership was born!

Even though C&G didn't end up being Gwen's permanent home and things were a little rocky toward the end, I'm SO thankful to Kate Sullivan for making Mixed Feelings the book it is. The mess I originally submitted to her had no business generating interest, but she saw something there and suggested I make changes. I rewrote the book and submitted it again and she dug it. We worked together, butting heads here and there, but made it a much better book than I'd created initially.
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